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Jerome Soriano
Sourcing Channel Lead
Cognizant Technology Solutions
Work Exp: 1.4 years
Network: 2
Richard Eduard Almeda
Post-Graduate Medical Intern
Army General Hospital
Work Exp: 2 years
Network: 3
Brian Ngo
Service Crew
Jollibee Foods Corporation
Work Exp: 11.1 months
Network: 0
Ron Christian Rimorin
Freelancer as a Data Entry Ope
New Media Services Pty Ltd
Work Exp: 12 months
Network: 2
Ronald Paolo Luna
Public Relations Officer
The UPLB Com Arts Society
Work Exp: 11.1 months
Network: 0
Raymart De Castro
Software Engineering - Intern
Arkipel Inc.
Work Exp: 8.2 months
Network: 0

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