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Michael Futalan
Philippine Airforce
Work Exp: 3.1 months
Network: 0
Arvin Alejandro
Web Developer / Project Manage
7th Media Design Studios
Work Exp: 6.6 years
Network: 14
Ferdinand Jr. Coloma
IT and Telecommunications Tech
Philippine Long Distance Telephone
Work Exp: 3.1 months
Network: 10
Michael Alfred Gacayan
On-The-Job Training
Work Exp: 4.1 months
Network: 2
John Ruiz Nadal
Team Manager (Human Resource O
ACS, A Xerox Company
Work Exp: 4.8 years
Network: 0
razele joy aguirre
QC Supervisor
Liwayway Marketing Corporation
Work Exp: 3.1 years
Network: 0

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